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7 Websites To Learn Didgeridoo Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (1)

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A wind instrument is a type of a musical instrument. These instruments comprise of a resonator that is usually in the form of a tube. A person blows into a metal mouthpiece or a reed due to which a column of air is split into vibration.

This helps create different kinds of sound. The sound of the instrument largely depends on the instrument, its structure, and the modification done to instrument.

The didgeridoo is acknowledged as one of the many wind instruments. The instrument was created by the people living in north Australia. Although, the period in which the instrument was developed is still unknown, but it was most likely developed in the last 800-1000 years.

The didgeridoo is quite popular around the whole word, used by various kinds of people. The shape of the instrument is usually cylindrical or cone-shaped while the length of the instrument can be up to 1 to 3 meters long.

Learning the act of simply playing a didgeridoo is not necessarily a difficult task. However, mastering the art of didgeridoo can consume a large portion of time. Here, you will find a list of websites that will teach you all about a didgeridoo online!

7 Websites To Learn Didgeridoo Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

7 Websites To Learn Didgeridoo Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (2)

Udemy is undoubtedly the most famous online learning platform as it provides its users with dozens of online courses. All of these online courses cover each and every topic you can think of. These courses are also verified by the website and done by experts.

The website presents its users with the opportunity of studying and learning from these courses at their own speed. They can start these courses anytime while being in the comfort of their homes.

The online courses are rated and reviewed by old users, which helps in the decision of selecting a specific course. The courses also provide an introduction and a detailed description about what you will be getting into.

Udemy has a bunch of online didgeridoo courses. Most of these courses are taught by professional teachers. You will learn how to play a didgeridoo just like a professional! You will also be able to make money through the skill you will develop while taking any of the course.

2) SuperProf

7 Websites To Learn Didgeridoo Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (3)

Super Prof is a great website for learning different kinds of online courses. The online platform helps connect a large number of students with passionate teachers. It is one of the biggest learning platforms available on the internet.

They offer the feature of face to face learning with teachers. The option of learning from your teachers through the use of webcam is also available. The website is more like a global community that helps people all around the world by providing a great learning and teaching experience.

Before starting the didgeridoo course, the website will ask you about your skill-level, so it can prompt you to an online course accordingly.

You can pick the beginner courses if you have no prior knowledge about a didgeridoo. Picking up the intermediate and advanced courses would mean that you do have some kind of experience on the didgeridoo and are looking forward to improving your skill further.

All the online courses are taught through a webcam, meaning that you might need one as well before starting the course.

3) TakeLessons

7 Websites To Learn Didgeridoo Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (4)

Take Lessons is a website that provides an excellent learning experience for students all over the world. Developed back in 2006, their team of experts have been struggling since to offer the best experience for both students and teachers.

They have a variety of different teachers, with different backgrounds and different teaching styles to provide a diverse community. Apart from featuring music teachers, they also have a bunch of dance instructors, acting coaches and some amazing tutors.

The website provides online didgeridoo lessons, done by professionals. The teachers are rated by different users who have learned from that teacher in the past.

Anyone can take these online courses, and develop the skill of playing a didgeridoo. There is also no end to how much you can improve, as you will be able to practice by yourself and at your own pace, after finishing the course.

4) Didgeridoo Dojo

7 Websites To Learn Didgeridoo Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (5)

Didgeridoo Dojo provides a variety of online didgeridoo lessons. The main goal of the website is to deliver a true one on one online learning experience. They provide an easy and fast way to learning didgeridoo.

The website has a whole buyer’s guide section. They provide all the information for buying a didgeridoo in this section. They provide you with a list of tips and a series of videos which will be of great help in your decision for buying a didgeridoo.

The lessons are very simple and easy to follow. They have lessons ranging from beginners to intermediate to an advanced level. Before joining any lesson, you can navigate through the whole website and preview all the online courses, Didgeridoo Dojo has to offer.

Their library of lessons is available in a monthly, yearly, or even a lifetime plan! You only have to pay once to gain unlimited access to all of the website’s content for a life period. There is no commitment to the monthly and yearly plans, and they can be cancelled anytime.

5) Didge Project

7 Websites To Learn Didgeridoo Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (6)

Didge Project delivers its users with a great experience. They offer plenty of online didgeridoo lessons. They started their service in 2008, with their main focus being how to teach didgeridoo to others. Now, they are providing a bunch of other online music courses as well.

The best part about using this website is that it has free and affordable online courses. The website does not charge even a single penny to their users, and tries to cover the cost and expenses through the use of limited advertising.

The website is updated on a regular basis to offer newer content to its users. There are a number of free online didgeridoo lessons on the website.

These lessons consist of videos, articles and tutorials written by their team of professionals. They also feature simple tips for playing the musical instrument, helping you to improve your skill even more and get the most out of your instrument.

6) Gauthier Aube

7 Websites To Learn Didgeridoo Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (7)

Named after the author, Gauthier Aube is a website that features a lot of online didgeridoo lessons. Gauthier is a self-taught didgeridoo expert, who is widely known for his technique and skill. He has a long experience for playing the didgeridoo, and has performed in European stages numerous times.

Apart from giving you a whole didgeridoo album, you can also find a whole section for didgeridoo eBook. The eBook provides a complete guide for beginners and intermediates to get started on playing the didgeridoo. With the help of this eBook, you will also be able to discover specific techniques for playing the instrument.

There is also an online didgeridoo course available which is basically made for all levels. The online course is done through skype. You will have to reserve or book an online class with Gauthier beforehand.

The course has 30-minute lesson every two weeks, which also gives enough time for practicing. You will have plenty of time in between sessions to gather what you have learnt so far and put it into practice.

7) LA Outback

7 Websites To Learn Didgeridoo Lessons Online (Free And Paid) - CMUSE (8)

Developed in 1997, LA Outback has been a crucial part of didgeridoo community in the USA ever since. It’s been more than 20 years since the website has been providing its users with information about the didgeridoo.

The website has a variety of high-quality didgeridoo available on sale. All of them are affordable. There is also a whole guide section about didgeridoo information. Providing guides for buying a didgeridoo, playing a didgeridoo, repairing a didgeridoo, and other basic information about a didgeridoo.

The online didgeridoo course offered by the website is done through skype. The course is divided into an hour-long didgeridoo lesson. Before starting the course, you will have to set up a proper schedule and reserve an online class.

As soon as you’re done purchasing the course after selecting a schedule, you will be able to take live online classes on skype and on the day, you choose!

Choosing The Best Didgeridoo Lesson Online

A didgeridoo is a very old musical instrument, which is played by people all around the globe. It is accompanied with almost every style of music. Playing the musical instrument requires you to learn proper circular breathing techniques.

After reviewing a whole bunch of websites, we have finally come up with a list of websites. These websites feature experts and professionals that will help you achieve your goal as quickly as possible.

After choosing a course from any of the mentioned websites, you will be able to learn everything about playing a didgeridoo in a very efficient manner.

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